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Our Curriculum

Confidence, Initiative and Diversity are the drivers of our curriculum

Skills emerging from our curriculum are competence and confidence to: 


  • Read and write purposefully and reflectively 

  • Listen and speak respectfully to convey ideas 

  • Calculate efficiently and apply skills to solve problems 

  • Use new technology confidently and appropriately 

Using initiative to: 

  • Undertake and embrace challenges 

  • Work independently and in collaboration 

  • Commit with focus and resilience 

  • Reflect individually and collaboratively 

Using diverse and creative thinking to: 

  • Ask questions to extend thinking 

  • Generate ideas and explore possibilities 

  • Overcome barriers by trying out alternatives and adapting or developing ideas 

  • Connect ideas and experiences in inventive ways.    

An Accessible Curriculum

At Sun Hill Junior School, we believe in creating an environment where everyone can flourish and is provided with the opportunities and support to reach their own personal goals.  This is reflected throughout the planning and learning in school and our dedication to inclusivity is detailed in our: visions and aims,  SEND Policy and SEND Information Report. 

Our curriculum drivers, and the skills emerging from them, underpin all aspects of our curriculum – core subjects, project learning and discreet subjects.  This is illustrated in the following documents:

Curriculum drivers and skills overview 

Autumn 2023: Lower School: Is Europe United in Diversity Overview

Autumn 2023: Upper School: Does Conflict Unite or Divide Overview

Spring 2024: Lower School: Trade and Transport Overview

Spring 2024: Upper School: Strike a Pose Overview 

Writing progression of skills 2023/24

Reading progression of skills 2023/24

You can view our Curriculum presentation here. 

For further information about the curriculum please contact Mrs Sue Griffiths, Headteacher at



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