Our Curriculum

Confidence, Initiative and Diversity are the drivers of our curriculum

Skills emerging from our curriculum are competence and confidence to: 


  • Read and write purposefully and reflectively 

  • listen and speak respectfully to convey ideas 

  • Calculate efficiently and apply skills to solve problems 

  • Use new technology confidently and appropriately 

Using initiative to: 

  • Undertake and embrace challenges 

  • Work independently and in collaboration 

  • Commit with focus and resilience 

  • Reflect individually and collaboratively 

Using diverse and creative thinking to: 

  • Ask questions to extend thinking 

  • Generate ideas and explore possibilities 

  • Overcome barriers by trying out alternatives and adapting or developing ideas 

  • connect ideas and experiences in inventive ways.    

Our curriculum drivers, and the skills emerging from them, underpin all aspects of our curriculum – core subjects, project learning and discreet subjects.  This is illustrated in the following document:

Curriculum drivers and skills overview 

Curriculum Map for Lower School: Summer Term 2020

Curriculum Map for Upper School: Summer Term 2020

Curriculum Map for Lower School: Spring Term 2020

Curriculum Map for Upper School: Spring Term 2020

Year 3 & Year 4 Project and discreet curriculum overview - Autumn 2020

Year 5 & Year 6 Project and discreet curriculum overview - Autumn 2020

Maths learning 2020

Writing progression of skills - 2020

You can view our recent Curriculum presentation here. 

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