Wellbeing at SHJS

We keep the wellbeing of all our children, staff and community at the heart of school life at Sun Hill Junior School.  At SHJS we explore and promote the '6 signs of wellbeing': active, responsible, connected, resilient, respected, aware.  This program of wellbeing was developed during 2019-2020 and has continued to be a regular part of school life through 20-21 and into 2021-2022.  We also promote the importance of mindfulness, with activities and practises to help achieve mindfulness.


During these challenging times of Covid, and all the changes connected with it, our wellbeing program has proved especially important to help children and adults consider and maintain their wellbeing.  We regularly deliver assemblies and run activities explaining and promoting the 6 signs of Wellbeing throughout the school year.


Our Wellbeing program is continually under review as we aim to respond to the everchanging priorities and needs of our school community.