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Our Vision and Values

As a School we are passionate about giving our children a love of learning. Through our STARS learning values we aim to develop each child's strengths but also help them achieve in areas they find challenging.  Please see our full Vision and Aims Statement here.

As well as these learning values we are also committed to making a positive contribution to our community by teaching British Values in our SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural) provision, which can be read about here.

  • Devote serious effort 

  • Struggle against a challenge 

  • Facing your fears 

  • Do not give up 

  • Use initiative

  • Experiment

  • learn from mistakes 

  • it's okay to be wrong 

  • I'll have another try 

  • Use a different method 

  • Know personal strengths and weaknesses 

  • Embrace challenges 

  • Persist in the face of a challenge 

  • Growth mindset 

  • Telling the truth 

  • Being relied upon

  • Keeping responsibilities 

  • Great team partner work in class

  • Being independent

  • Work towards a target

  • Organised 

  • Ready to learn - focus

  • Being ready with resources - organised with equipment needed

  • Generating original ideas 

  • Being responsible for self-learning

  • Working in a team 

  • Encourage effort

  • Boost moral 

  • To sustain perseverance 

  • Uphold school values and rules

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