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Our Trustees

The Perins MAT Trust Board provides governance for SHJS, with the process of establishing a Local Advisory Board underway.  For more detailed information on SHJS's governance, including declarations of interests,  annual reports & accounts, memorandum & articles of association, funding agreement, executive pay and facilities time reporting, please see The MAT website here.

A message from our Chair of Trustees


It gives me great pleasure as Chair of Trustees of The Perins Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) to welcome you to our Junior School, Sun Hill Junior School, on behalf of the Trustees. 

MAT Trustees are involved with SHJS at every level. While focussing on the all-important safe, successful and happy education and wellbeing of our junior school pupils, our responsibilities include safeguarding, health & safety, finance, premises management and staff appointments. 

Trustees are appointed to the board based on their skills and experience to ensure that appropriate objectives are set and that planning for our pupils involves both high and realistic expectations. Trustees provide strategic direction for the schools in the MAT, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of our schools, and holding school leadership to account for the quality of education achieved. They also work closely with the Headteacher of the school to support and encourage all teaching and support staff and ensure that all our pupils have the learning and development opportunities they deserve. 

We are currently establishing a Local Advisory Board for Sun Hill Junior School. This Board will be made up of elected members of our parent body, staff team and the local community and will discuss school-related topics with both local and national themes and make recommendations to the Trust Board.


At Sun Hill Junior School, we are fortunate to have a wonderful team of staff, ably led by Mrs Griffiths, who devote a huge amount of time and effort every day to ensuring that your children are learning and developing in a creative, caring and safe environment, inspired by the “STARS” motto.

It is a privilege to be involved in the governance of SHJS and I look forward to welcoming you to the junior part of The Perins MAT. 

Katy Toms

Chair of Trustees

The Perins MAT

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