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Perins MAT Vision 
A message from Mr Jones


'Unlocking potential, enriching lives 

Be - curious, inspirational, inclusive, kind and our best.'

The Perins MAT - Ethos and Values Statement 

We are committed to providing a rounded and rich educational experience for all our students with the belief that everyone is entitled to high levels of individual achievement, care and support.  We are proud of our sense of community, with the quality of relationships between staff and students characterised by trust, respect and mutual support.

Our ethos focuses on making sure every student has the opportunity to progress and develop in all aspects, preparing them to face the future.  We value the richness and diversity of the educational experience we offer, both within and beyond the classroom. We believe that these values are also vital in developing our professional, dedicated and highly competent members of staff. 

Multi Academy Trust:  Sun Hill Junior School  and Perins School 

Sun Hill Junior School converted in September 2017 to become part of a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) with Perins School – The Perins MAT. 

This is very exciting for both schools. It makes sense for all stakeholders and enables us to work together to build on the strengths of both schools within the community and to collaborate on offering the best possible teaching and learning opportunities to staff and pupils at both schools – ‘Better together!’ 

We feel strongly that joining forces in a MAT has already brought significant benefits for all of us at both schools – staff, students, parents and Trustees – and indeed for our wider community. We are developing close links between Perins and SHJS, ensuring a seamless transition for our pupils from junior to secondary school. There are opportunities for staff at both schools to gain cross-stage experience and share resources, knowledge and expertise. We are working to ensure consistency of policy and planning across the key stages. Most importantly, we are working together as a community to offer all our pupils from the age of 7 through to 16 the best possible teaching and learning opportunities with a shared ethos and vision – ‘in omnia excellentia!’ 

Steve Jones

Chief Executive  Officer - The Perins MAT

Please visit The Perins MAT website for more information:

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