Hear from our House Captains 20/21


Amelia and Poppy - Arle House  

My favourite thing about Sun HIll Juniors was English! Because we are asked to write lots of fun things. In Year 3 we wrote about inventions, in year 4 Adventures, In Year 5 we wrote about World War 2 and in Year 6 we created pieces about Fantastic Beasts. There are lots of roles and responsibilities like school council, cyber ambassador, JRSO and house captain. The school also supports you to improve on anything you are struggling in. Amelia 

At Sun Hill Juniors the teachers are really helpful and great to be around, they are really supportive and help you when you get stuck! I loved the after school sports clubs and the opportunities we had to try lots of different sports while you are there. Poppy 

Erin and Freddie - Meon House

I loved Sun Hill Junior School, the teachers are kind and helpful and at lunchtime we got to play basketball. I really enjoyed learning and doing different projects each term and my favourite subject was science where we get to do experiments! Everyone is really friendly and I made lots of friends. Erin 

I liked SHJS because our classes were loads of fun and you got to play on the playground with your friends. My favourite subjects were P.E and Maths because they are both really fun and you got to work in a team. Freddie 


Cassia and Ferne - Candover House

The teachers are very supportive at Sun Hill Juniors and will help you if you're stuck by giving useful information.  Everyone is very kind and the teachers make learning really fun. My favourite subject was Maths and doing Maths sheets. Cassia 

Sun Hill Junior School always made me feel safe and I felt I could trust every member of staff. I enjoyed learning everything, the teachers made lessons fun and interesting. The fact that wherever you looked there was always somebody there to help you. It is an amazing school and I would recommend it to everyone! Ferne


Liv and Josh - Itchen House

All the staff are really kind and supportive and the projects we did are amazing. We also did lots of clubs and they are really fun, I liked dance club and netball club.  My favourite subject was Art because you get to use lots of different materials to make awesome artwork, it was really fun and creative, in Year 5 we got to design an album cover out of pastels and in Year 4 we drew dragons eyes. Sun Hill Junior School made me feel so positive and happy and you can have a great time but also get a great education with fun included. Liv

I have made lots of friends at School, the teachers were kind and they made learning fun. I liked doing different projects and going on trips, in Year 4 we went to Paulton's Park, it was really fun.  Josh