School Library

Mrs Mitchell has been busy, making sure that the library is reorganised and ready to use in a safe way.  Your new library timetable is below: 


Library Timetable since week of 28th September 2020

Week 1 (began week of 28th September…)

Year 4 - Monday

Year 3 - Thursday


Week 2 (began week of 5th October…)

Year 5 - Monday

Year 6 - Thursday 

Online resources: 

A selection of great activities to do with your children can be found here…

Website with lots of activities to help literacy skills from birth to 16+

Below are just two links that are Infant & Junior School appropriate.  Look out for the make your own diaries/journals; write your own non-fiction book and baking activities!


This links explains about the National Literacy Trust’s (NLT) virtual school library and showcases authors giving free readings and activities linked to their books – a great site to share with your children.

Just one of the latest links your children will see in the Library Classroom on google classroom.  Tom Gates lovers will love to meet the author behind these ever popular books!

A great selection of activities to support your child in their literacy journey – author master classes to give inspiration!