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Our school vision for PE is to give children physical skills, physical development and knowledge of the body and its relationship to exercise. PE provides the opportunity for pupils to be creative, competitive and to develop themselves as an individual, within groups and within teams. We work on the basis that children need to develop their skills in dance, gymnastics and invasion games whereby they learn how to plan, perform and evaluate their actions, ideas and performances.  

Using our Sports Premium and our involvement with the 7AS partnership, Perins MAT and The Saints Foundation, PE has been given a high profile within the school. Tournaments, festivals and skill based sessions have taken place both in school and externally to give children an understanding of the importance of sport and the enjoyment that it brings – sports include: hockey, netball, rugby, football, cricket, rounders, swimming, dance, multi skill events and others! The sporting year is finally marked with our incredible sports day during the Summer Term and Area Sports which is conducted in June.

We are also lucky enough to have Perins teachers come to school through the week to deliver high quality, engaging lessons to all children in the school. All the children thoroughly enjoy the lessons and gain and develop a range of skills to transfer to many different sports.

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