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At School

We strive to make every Maths lesson stimulating and enjoyable, with children learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion. We seek every child to take an active role in question formation in order to practise their mathematical skills with rich activities that require an application of understanding. Furthermore, we provide children with tasks which have a meaningful content - this gives children an understanding of the importance of Maths and its application to the real world. We are dedicated in providing children with the necessary skills and flexibility in their thinking to apply their knowledge in various contexts. 

At Home

Please support what your children are learning in maths by practicing times tables and mental maths questions which increase speed of answering simple calculations.

There is a list of websites below which you may find useful:

BBC Bitesize Maths

Maths Challenges

Our progression in calculation strategies is also available below. This could be useful while completing home learning; the children should be clear which method they are currently using whilst at school.

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