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Design Technology

At School

The children will be encouraged to solve problems in a practical way with imaginative and creative thinking.

Practical competence grows from knowledge of how things work. This is partly learned from explanation, but very much learned from actually doing, by experimenting and investigating, and by rebuilding and improving. 

The children will experience a variety of projects including using wood and tools to construct bridges and moving toys, and producing designs ranging from breads to healthy salads. Always the emphasis will be on ‘What makes it a good design… how could we make it better?’ 

Design and Technology is delivered through the termly phase project learning which is driven by confidence, initiative and diversity.  A creative arts based project will be studied each year and is centred on a key enquiry question which is explored in different contexts and developing different skills towards a final creative outcome.  This enquiry is underpinned by the consideration of concepts which are applied to the different contexts and examples of creative arts explored.  

At Home

Take opportunities to look at how things work. For example, if you have a clock with cogs on view, take time to notice how they move. 

Get out the Lego and Meccano and build! 

Spend time improving your skills by simply cutting, folding and sticking.

Set yourself a challenge of making something out of nothing e.g. a carrier bag out of newspaper, a maze (for a marble) out of cardboard in a shoebox lid.

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