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At School
The children will be encouraged to take part in both practical and fact-based lessons, where they will be encouraged to enquire about and research a given topic.

Practical science lessons will focus on how and why things happen in the world.  The children will gain observational, recording and evaluating skills through these practical lessons.  They will also learn how to use scientific vocabulary and to ask scientific questions.

Knowledge about how things work will grow through explanations, videos and research.  In lessons, research may be encouraged through one or two scientific questions posed either by the teacher or a pupil.  The children will then actively find out how something works.  If this is then applicable, the children will be able to try it out in a practical science lesson.

At Home
Take opportunities to try some experiments at home!  For example, if you have an egg and some vinegar, put the egg in a bowl, pour over some vinegar until the egg is covered and watch it change over the course of three days.  (Cover the bowl with cling film to hide the smell!)

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