Kestrels presentation of work

Year 5 have been really busy over these last few weeks working on some really great topics and we wanted to display some of the pieces of work from Kestrels Class.

The at home learning has included an English topic, TV characters Wallace and Gromit had invented one of their wonderful machines and the pupils had to look at the language used in films clips and written pieces and the descriptive narrative within them and then followed this by writing a letter to the prime minister as Wallace.

They have been looking a shapes in Maths and Spelling tests are issued each week which one pupil cleverly turned into a word search.

In Science pupils had to look the components of human blood and how to imagine those component as ingredients in a smoothy which then could be created at home.

Lastly we have included some of the beautiful pieces of poetry which have been creatively written and presented here.

Letter to the Prime Minister - Wallace and Gromit

Shapes presentation

Spellings word Search - Ethan T

Blood Smoothy - made by Rosie T

Aliens - by Bethany T

Emotions - a poem

The Match - a poem


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